Frequently Asked Questions for Bounce House Rentals in Texas

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Jumping Fiesta Rentals; here for all your celebration needs! As you embark on the journey to create unforgettable moments, we understand that you may have queries and considerations regarding your party rental experience.
To assist you in navigating through the planning process seamlessly, we've put together a comprehensive list of the most common inquiries we've encountered. 
Take a look at our FAQs and find quick, clear, and helpful answers tailored to enhance your celebration planning.
Quick Assurances
  • We are insured.
  • Equipment is state inspected.
  • We are safety trained.
  • We clean inflatables.
  • Always available to answer questions.
About us
  • Been in business for 20 years; over 50 years of industry experience.
  • Family owned.
  • Have a local warehouse for customer pick ups.
  • Trained staff.
  • Multiple locations throughout Texas.
Our pricing is a 4-6 hour rental period.  Please chose a start time 1-2 hours before event start time, so we can install before your guests arrive; then tell us the earliest possible time you are wanting us to pick up.  We may pick up much later than the time you request unless you choose time specific at checkout.
TENTS: Tent rentals are often set up on Thursdays or Fridays for a weekend rental based upon equipment availability.  We do not typically set up High Peak tents on the same day as event without an additional fee; however can set up Canopies same day at no extra charge.
INFLATABLES: If you choose day/time flexible delivery at check out, we may give you extra days at no charge.  This is helpful to us to add your delivery or pick up in our route where it makes the most sense for our staff. We will have t you before the time you chose and not pick up before the time your chose, but it may allow drop off the day before and pick up a day or so after.

Still Have Questions?

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